• The Saga Of Larten Crepsley

    Covers for The Saga Of Larten Crepsley
  • Birth of a Killer (Hungary) Cover Image
    Birth of a Killer (Hungary)
  • Ocean of Blood (Hungary) Cover Image
    Ocean of Blood (Hungary)
  • Palace of the Damned (Hungary) Cover Image
    Palace of the Damned (Hungary)
  • Brothers to the Death (Hungary) Cover Image
    Brothers to the Death (Hungary)
  • The Thin Executioner

    Cover for The Thin Executioner
  • The Thin Executioner (Hungary) Cover Image
    The Thin Executioner (Hungary)
  • Lady of the Shades

    Cover for Lady of the Shades
  • Lady of the Shades (Hungary) Cover Image
    Lady of the Shades (Hungary)
  • Koyasan

    Cover for Koyasan
  • Koyasan (Hungary) Cover Image
    Koyasan (Hungary)
  • The City

    Covers for The City Trilogy.
  • Procession of the Dead (Hungary) Cover Image
    Procession of the Dead (Hungary)
  • Hell’s Horizon (Hungary) Cover Image
    Hell’s Horizon (Hungary)
  • City of the Snakes (Hungary) Cover Image
    City of the Snakes (Hungary)
  • The Demonata

    Hardback Covers
  • Lord Loss (Hungary) Cover Image
    Lord Loss (Hungary)
  • Demon Thief (Hungary) Cover Image
    Demon Thief (Hungary)
  • Slawter (Hungary) Cover Image
    Slawter (Hungary)
  • Bec (Hungary) Cover Image
    Bec (Hungary)
  • Blood Beast (Hungary) Cover Image
    Blood Beast (Hungary)
  • Demon Apocalypse (Hungary) Cover Image
    Demon Apocalypse (Hungary)
  • Death’s Shadow (Hungary) Cover Image
    Death’s Shadow (Hungary)
  • Wolf Island (Hungary) Cover Image
    Wolf Island (Hungary)
  • Dark Calling (Hungary) Cover Image
    Dark Calling (Hungary)
  • Hell’s Heroes (Hungary) Cover Image
    Hell’s Heroes (Hungary)
  • The Saga of Darren Shan

    Hardback Covers
  • Cirque du Freak (Hungary) Cover Image
    Cirque du Freak (Hungary)
  • The Vampires Assistant (Hungary) Cover Image
    The Vampires Assistant (Hungary)
  • Tunnels of Blood (Hungary) Cover Image
    Tunnels of Blood (Hungary)
  • Vampire Mountain (Hungary) Cover Image
    Vampire Mountain (Hungary)
  • Trials of Death (Hungary) Cover Image
    Trials of Death (Hungary)
  • The Vampire Prince (Hungary) Cover Image
    The Vampire Prince (Hungary)
  • Hunters of the Dusk (Hungary) Cover Image
    Hunters of the Dusk (Hungary)
  • Allies of the Night (Hungary) Cover Image
    Allies of the Night (Hungary)
  • Killers of the Dawn (Hungary) Cover Image
    Killers of the Dawn (Hungary)
  • The Lake of Souls (Hungary) Cover Image
    The Lake of Souls (Hungary)
  • Lord of the Shadows (Hungary) Cover Image
    Lord of the Shadows (Hungary)
  • Sons of Destiny (Hungary) Cover Image
    Sons of Destiny (Hungary)
  • The Saga of Darren Shan

    Miscellaneous Covers
  • Cirque du Freak (Hungary CD) Cover Image
    Cirque du Freak (Hungary CD)
  • Cirque Du Freak movie tie-in (Hungary) Cover Image
    Cirque Du Freak movie tie-in (Hungary)

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