The Saga of Larten Crepsley


The Mr Crepsley books were first released in hardback editions in the USA. When they started to come out in paperback, my publishers used the same cover as the hardback for the first book. Then they had a change of mind and decided to give the paperbacks a completely different look, something of which I wholeheartedly approved. They came up with four really cool covers, and you can check out those for books 2 to 4 on this page.


Although they designed a new book 1 cover for the paperback reprint, and even fed it out to some online booksellers, they never actually got round to using it, and the only edition of book 1 that they printed was the one with the hardback image. A shame, as this would have been a lovely addition to any Shanster's collection -- I'm certainly gutted that I wasn't able to add it to MINE!
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