• 20 July 2010
    http://www.darrenshan-sonsofdestiny.com/ In October 2004, "Sons of Destiny", the last book in "The Saga of Darren Shan", was released in the UK. My publishers, HarperCollins, went wild on the publicity front and gave it a huge push, resulting in killer sales!!!! One of the items they came up with was a microsite to promote the book, featuring exclusives such as downloads, book notes, the ability to vote for your favourite character and UK cover, and more!! Many of those features can now be found on my regular site, but I recently came across the old microsite again and decided it would be fun to make it available to SHANSTERS in its original form. If nothing else, it has a super-cool entry screen!!!!!! Please note, it is no longer possible on the microsite to vote for your favourite cover or character. http://www.darrenshan-sonsofdestiny.com/
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