• AIN'T IT COOL NEWS.COM | 20 January 2010 | Moriarty

    When news of my movie deal with Universal broke in January 2005, it received lots of media attention. Here's one of my favourite pieces, from Ain't It Cool News.

    Who The Heck Is Darren Shan, And What`s The CIRQUE DU FREAK?!

    Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab... I`ve never heard of these books, but I`m not surprised. There`s so much literature for young readers being published these days in the wake of the massive success of J.K. Rowlings that it`s hard to keep up with if you don`t have a young reader in the house. And, no, I`m not slamming these books or calling them rip-offs, any more than I would say that about the delightful LEMONY SNICKET series. I just think the publishing landscape has changed, and now, more than ever, this type of book has become big business, especially when someone`s able to create a series that really hooks a readership.

    Evidently, the CIRQUE DU FREAK series was optioned by Warner Bros. before the first two books were even published. Now, as book 12 is out in the UK, it looks like the rights have shifted over to Universal where Lauren Shuler Donner`s going to be working to bring them to life with Brian Helgeland handling the screenplay. I was just talking to Harry the other night about his deep abiding love for all things relating to freakshows after he finished watching CHAINED FOR LIFE, so I expect that these films will quickly become his most favoritest things ever!

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