• Back in the groove

    17 July 2010

    Put the distractions to one side on Thursday and Friday and fired ahead with my editing duties. I'm currently working on a new series to follow up The Saga of Larten Crepsley. I can't say...

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  • Dratted distractions!!

    14 July 2010

    It's been a bit of a fractured week so far! I worked as normal on Saturday, then went to Limerick with Kenny and another friend of ours to watch the World Cup final. It was no classic, but then...

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  • The Thin Executioner on sale in USA NOW!

    10 July 2010

    The Thin Executioner is available to buy through Amazon in the USA NOW!! Enjoy!! http://tinyurl.com/34988je

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  • Bye bye Bridget

    09 July 2010

    Flew home on Wednesday. Was busy when I got back, going through post, answering emails, sorting out arrangements for some statues which are due to be delivered over the coming weeks. Was...

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  • End of Birthday Week

    06 July 2010

    All good things must come to an end... and my Birthday Week is no different. On Monday I had to sort out a new modem for my flat. It's still giving me some problems, cutting out occasionally for...

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  • Birthday week

    04 July 2010

    Sorry (again!) for the lengthy absence, but it was my birthday on July 2nd, so I've been treating myself to a week off!! On Monday night, as I was watching Brazil beat Chile in the World Cup and...

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