• Perfection can wait

    17 May 2010

    I took Saturday off and went for a walk along the beach in Ballybunion with Bas. Apart from that I've been working hard, editing a book for adults which I wrote several years ago. I have two...

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  • Celtic synchronicity!

    14 May 2010

    I received the following email from a lady called Tracy in the USA, which made me smile:

    So I sat down and watched the Vampire's Assistant movie sometime ago and noticed it came from a book...

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  • Done touring… again!!

    13 May 2010

    The end of another successful, enjoyable tour!! I had a busy Saturday morning signing session in Chelmsford — I was there for two and a half hours, going at full speed!! The evening event in...

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  • Doubling up

    26 April 2010

    Finished my final edit of Birth of a Killer!! Now that my books are going to be coming out at the same time in America as the UK, the editing process has got a bit more complicated. In the old...

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  • Homeward stretch

    24 April 2010
    I’ve almost finished my final draft of the UK proofs of Birth of a Killer. I’m pleased with how nicely it all hangs together. I’ve had to add several new sections to the book since I wrote the...
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  • Ferry nice!

    21 April 2010

    I actually quite enjoyed the trip home! Caught the train from Euston, and that made a huge difference — trains are definitely a lot more comfortable than buses!! The journey to Holyhead passed...

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