• I like to boogie… boogie-woogie!!

    27 July 2009
    Had a family party at the weekend -- it was my aunt Maureen's 25th wedding anniversary. We held it at the Woodlands House Hotel, which is fairly close to where I live. Had a great night -- the room...
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  • Two fingers up to Twitter!!!

    24 July 2009
    Finished my latest edit of my fantasy book (I'll be revealing the title and a bit more info about the book in just a few weeks, so bear with me!!). My editors notes definitely helped me patch up...
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  • Shan is watching!!

    23 July 2009
    I've been working away on my latest edit of the fantasy novel over the last few days -- I should hopefully wrap up work on it tomorrow. It's almost at its final stage -- my editor's notes have...
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  • Thumbs up for Furnace!!

    21 July 2009
    Finished reading the first Furnace book by Alexander Gordon Smith. Top-notch stuff!! VERY dark, fast-paced, action-packed, with a cliffhanger to die for!!! It reads very smoothly, which is one of...
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  • Namechecked in Furnace!!

    20 July 2009
    I read a bit more of Furnace: Lockdown last night, and was tickled pink to see myself namechecked in the book -- the characters are discussing movies at one point, and make mention of the seeing...
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  • Bittersweet

    19 July 2009
    Finished my latest edit of the fourth book of my 4 book series on Friday. There's a scene near the end that always chokes me up a bit when I come to it. I don't sit here blubbing or anything (I'm...
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