• 10 Best Horror Books For Teens

    23 December 2021



    There was an article on the Culture Vulture site a few months back, entitled 10 Best Horror Books For Teens, which listed... well, I think you can work that out yourself without any long explanation from me! :-)


    It featured an interesting mix of novels, going back as far as Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and I was very pleased to see Cirque Du Freak nestled in the #3 spot. It did, however, set me wondering again -- it's something I've wondered about for more than 20 years now -- IS Cirque Du Freak actually a horror series?!? Oh, it's been sold in most countries as a horror series (though some marketed it as a fantasy series), and of course it's about vampires, and yes it can get quite grisly in parts, BUT...


    I dunno. Like all my series, it's a real mix of genres, with some strong elements drawn from the fantasy and sci-fi fields, but if I had to describe it briefly, I'd have to say that overall I consider it a very dark action/adventure series. It's full of twists and turns, and there are definitely plenty of horrific scenes laced throughout, but I don't think it hits the horror notes full-on, in the same way that The Demonata or Zom-B did. I'm not saying by any stretch that I think it's out of place on a list like this, and as a lifelong horror fan I'm delighted that it's become such a prominent part of the horror canon. I just... yeah... every time I ask myself the question, I have to scratch my head and wonder...


    But hey, what do I know? I'm just the author!!! :-)


    You can check out the full list, and see what they had to say about each book, by clicking here: https://culturedvultures.com/the-fair-botanists-sara-sheridan-review/




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