• 12 books in 4 drawings

    08 April 2023

    It would, of course, be impossible to tell the entire story of my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak series in just four drawings, but I think these four come pretty close to capturing a lot of the story arc of those twelve books,


    It begins, in the first drawing, by KEROROMO, on the toilet. I often forget that's how Darren's story kicked off, with an innocent bit of toilet humour, so it was nice to be reminded of it here.


    Fast forward in the second drawing to book 3, when Darren holds a mortally wounded Sam Grest in his arms and howls his fury and pain at the night and cruel, unfair universe into which we all are born. Drawn by LIV.


    Fast forward again in the third drawing, to book 9, by NOEL, in a piece simply entitled, "No, that's not how it happened." Those of you who have read the book will know all too well which infamous, painful chapter this refers to.


    The fourth, also by NOEL, captures a scene from book 12, with Darren floating in a certain body of water. Noel chose to accompany it with a slightly tweaked lyric from one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs, which adds beautifully to the wonderful drawing.


    And there you have it -- my 12 book storyling neatly captured in an artistic nutshell.





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