• Movie trailer heaven!!

    05 August 2009
    At last -- the moment so many of you have been waiting for!!! The movie trailer for Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant is now online, and I think it looks pretty kewl!!!
    You can check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJL2wP1GagI
    Or on Moviefone, where you have a choice of watching it in different HiDef formats: http://www.moviefone.com/movie/cirque-du-freak-the-vampires-assistant/32123/main
    Universal also now have am official site for the movie, although there isn't a lot on there yet: http://www.thevampiresassistant.net/
    I have also added an image of the first movie poster for The Vampire's Assistant to my site, and will be adding more posters and any other movie-related images that are released over the coming months in various countries -- so keep checking back!!! You can find the Movies page in the Covers part of the Vampires section of the web site, by CLICKING HERE.

    If you want to see a larger image of the poster,
    CLICK HERE. As you can see, in America the movie is rated PG-13. Also, please note that this is what those in the industry call a TEASER poster, designed to whet people's appetite. Another poster, with more images and info, should follow in due course.

    In response to the big question -- YES, I do like the trailer!!! In fact I think it's top-notch!! As I've been saying all along, the movie is going to be VERY different to the books. For instance, you can see, even from this short trailer, that it has more humour in it than the books had. But at the same time it's recognisable as the world of the Cirque Du Freak which we all know from the books -- it has taken many liberties with the story (more than are actually apparent in the trailer), but most of the main characters are there, the darkness is there, and the freakiness is definitely there!!!

    I know the differences will come as a shock to a lot of fans -- they certainly came as a shock to ME when I first read the script!! -- but we have to live with the fact that the movie is its own beast. It's not a true adaptation of the books, but a re-imagining of them. You can moan about what the movie-makers haven't done, in which case you're doomed to go away miserable -- or you can treat it as a whole new story and give it a chance to win you over on its own terms. And I don stress the word "chance" -- the movie will have to win ME over too!!! I haven't seen it yet, and as the author of the original books, I'm probably going to be harder to please than anyone else in the world!!!! But I'm prepared to accept it on its own terms and to give it a chance. When I sit down to watch the film, I'll be leaving all of my memories of the books at the door and putting them far from my mind -- and I suggest that everyone else who has read them should do the same thing!!

    You can never tell from a trailer what the final version of a film will be like, but I think there's grounds to be hopeful based on what we've seen here -- it looks smart, it looks funny, it looks stylish, it looks spooky, it looks freaky!! Roll on October!!!!!!
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