• Movie whirlwind

    06 August 2009
    Phew!!! The last couple of days have been pretty manic! The craziness started yesterday morning, when I found out that the trailer was due to hit the web later in the day. While I cautioned everyone to be patient, in case the rumours weren't true, I have to admit that I kept checking the web a couple of times an hour (sometimes a bit more!!) to see if it had gone live yet. When it did, in the evening, I was kept busy responding to it, sending out emails about it, and checking out the feedback from fans and people in the movie industry. I was particularly interested in what the neutrals had to say -- those of us involved with the books can't be truly objective about the film. For me, the main reason for agreeing to let my books be filmed was to try and lure new readers into my world. Finding new fans is always the hardest job for any writer -- our publishers don't have the same sort of widespread connections or cash chests as their counterparts in the mega-bucks movie industry!!! A very successful book might reach maybe a hundred thousand people, where a moderately successful movie can reach millions of people!! If even a small percentage of a movie's audience pick up the books afterwards, that can result in a sharp influx of fans -- which, for me, is what it's all about. I write stories to be read -- I want as many people as possible to be aware of my books, to have the option of at least giving them a try. So, I'm very keen to see what people who know nothing about my books think of the trailer, and later the film.

    The response, I'm pleased to admit, has been mostly very positive. Movie sites can be VERY bitchy, and many movies get completely trashed by reviewers who can't wait to sink their claws into anything that doesn't take their fancy!!! But most seem to have taken an admiring view of the trailer -- some have even said that while they were ready to pounce on the movie prior to seeing the trailer, now they're prepared to give it a fair go!! As I said yesterday, I really think Universal did a top-notch job on the trailer. It does a good job of giving people just enough information to intrigue them, without giving TOO much away. I know some of you were a bit worried after seeing it, since there was very little of Steve, Mr Tiny or Murlough in the trailer -- but don't worry, they ARE all in the film, and feature prominently!! Much has been changed, as I've said before, but not THAT much!!!! And although Darren seems to glibly accept Mr Crepsley's offer to become his assistant, that was just the way the trailer made it look -- in the film, as in the book, it will be an agonising decision. A good trailer is an artform in itself -- it has to tell a short story in a couple of minutes. Many fail because the makers try to cram too many details in. I think this one pitched itself just right, and by the response of the neutral movie web site folk, others seem to think so too. Of course, that doesn't stop SOME fans from moaning, but hey, you can't please everyone!!!

    Today was quieter, more a return to normal, although I was still kept busy catching up with reviews of the trailer and responding to emails. It was a busy day for me, work-wise, as was yesterday, but I'll talk about those in my next blog, once the movie trailer whirlwind has died down a little more!!!!

    I must say, I was far more excited by the release of the trailer than I thought I would be!! As I've said all along, I deliberately distanced myself from the movie-making process, as I prefer to focus my time and energies on my books -- I'm a writer, not a movie-maker, and I think I can best serve you guys by ensuring my books come out on time, and honed to the finest possible edge by months and years of editing. I thought I'd be very laidback about the trailer and movie, but when I first saw it yesterday, I got a surprisingly big buzz!!! I really hope the film fulfills the promise of the trailer. While I'm not going to start taking credit for the film if it's good, there's no denying that it's much nicer to be attached to something cool than to something that stinks!!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!
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