• Shan is watching!!

    23 July 2009
    I've been working away on my latest edit of the fantasy novel over the last few days -- I should hopefully wrap up work on it tomorrow. It's almost at its final stage -- my editor's notes have helped me iron out the last few remaining kinks (including a few I was previously unaware of!!), so if all goes according to plan, it should need just one more overall edit, then a quick check at the page proofs stage -- and that will be that!!

    I finished watching all of the Coen Brothers movies -- what an amazing collection!! They aren't all classics, but there are no out-and-out duds anywhere among them -- even their less successful films are interesting and original in one way or another. Now I've started back on Quentin Tarantino's films. Watch Reservoir Dogs again the other night -- what a stunning debut!! The first time I saw it was at the cinema when it was originally released. I was at university and saw it in a cinema theatre in the Elephant & Castle, where I was staying at the time. The sound quality was absolutely DREADFUL and I came away liking it but not sure what all the fuss was about. It was only when I was actually able to properly listen to the dialogue when I saw it on video (remember video???) that I realised what a powerful piece of work it was!!! Can't wait for Pulp Fiction -- it's been quite a few years since I watched it, and I'm curious to see whether or not I'll still consider it one of my Top 10 films this time round...

    A fan posted a comment today questioning whether or not I ever read the comments that are made about my blogs. The true and honest answer is -- yes!! I read every single one! It's very rare that I respond to a blog or email because of the sheer numbers which I receive every day (which I state openly on my profile and on the contact page of my web site), but I DO read them all -- I like to keep a close eye on you guys!!!! If that situation ever changes, I'll let you know (I believe in being open), but for the time being, SHAN IS WATCHING YOU!!!!!!
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