• Two fingers up to Twitter!!!

    24 July 2009
    Finished my latest edit of my fantasy book (I'll be revealing the title and a bit more info about the book in just a few weeks, so bear with me!!). My editors notes definitely helped me patch up some problem areas -- including a few problems areas that I didn't know WERE problem areas until she pointed them out!!! There were no glaring, major flaws, but a series of small tweaks and twists which help the story flow more smoothly and make more sense. It's always good to get another's person's thoughts on your story when you bring it to an advanced stage -- by the time of the 4th or 5th edit, you've spent so long inside the story that it can be difficult to be objective about it. Things which make perfect sense to you might not make perfect sense to readers who aren't as immersed in the world of the tale as you are. It helps to have someone come along and ask questions and poke sticks into the ribs of the book. I was happy with the book book prior to this latest edit, but I'm a lot happier now, and I hope you guys will be too when you read it!!

    I got asked in one of my comments today whether or not I Twitter. The short answer is -- no!! To be honest, I think Twitter is for people who are either lazier or less wordy than I am!!!!! Now, I don't mean that to sound as critical as it probably does!! Twitter is great for the vast majority of people who just want to post a few lines about themselves on a regular basis, and who either don't have the time to do into further details, or find it hard to swiftly string a few paragraphs together. As you've probably gathered by this stage, I have NO problem writing quickly!!!!! I rarely spend more than 10 or 15 minutes on any of my blogs, and I usually find something to write about in at least a bit of depth, even if it's only to comment on what films I've been watching. Only laziness could drive me to Twitter -- if I got bored of waffling on (and I'm all too aware that most of the time I DO just waffle, which is pretty inescapable if you're going to blog as regularly as I am -- life just isn't especially interesting for most people most of the time!!), then perhaps I'll switch to Twitter. Until that day, make mine BLOG!!!!!

    Speaking of films and TV... I watched True Romance again last night. I didn't love it as much as I did when I first saw it -- I can remember coming out of the cinema with a HUGE grin on my face first time round -- but it's still a hugely entertaining flick, with some absolutely brilliant moments and dialogue. I also saw the end of season 2 of House today. I wouldn't normally watch a series like this, but I think Hugh Laurie and the writers have created a truly brilliant character in House, so I watch it primarily to catch him in action. Having said that, in this episode a guy's eye popped out of his head (literally -- and we got to see it!!!), and one of his testicles exploded (thankfully, they didn't show that one!!!), which made it play out a bit like a Demonata episode!!!! I was in my element!!!!!!!! Wink
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