• A busy week… mostly!!!

    28 January 2011

    I've been busy editing for most of the week since my last blog, various books of my new series. I'm pleased with how it's holding together. I just have to figure out now how to take it all forward!! I've known for a long time how the series will end -- I just can't figure out all the things that need to happen in order to get me there! But in my experience, when in doubt, write!! In cases like this you're better off firing ahead than sitting around banging your head against a wall. I find that you get ideas as you write. Like solzing a puzzle, it's usually easier if you start playing around with it, rather than just stare at it for ages and ages. I know some of the things that need to happen, and more ideas have started bubbling up as I've been working my way through the seven books which I've written to date. You need a good measure of faith to make it as a writer, faith in your talent, but also faith in the stories you tell, that they will reveal themselves to you if you dedicate yourself to them and chip away at the walls that might separate you in the beginning. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, but you'll always get there in the end... as long as you have faith.


    The title of this blog indicates that it's been MOSTLY a busy week, as I did have an unplanned day off at the start! After taking off the weekend to relax and hang some paintings in our new house, Bas and I had a little party on Sunday for some of her friends. We had a great night, a lovely meal, played a board game, waxed lyrical about all sorts of subjects. But then, towards the end of the meal, one of the gentlemen produced a small bottle of tequila. His name is Juan and he is from Mexico. I don't normally drink hard liquor, as it doesn't really agree with me. But it would have been rude not to toast Juan with his national drink, so I had a small glass... which went down quite nicely, so I had another. And then I remembered that I had a small bottle of tequila too, which a fan in the USA had given to me a couple of years ago. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to drink it. So we did... along with some sloe gin... and a few small bottles of flavoured vodka which we had picked up in Poland some years ago. On top of the champagne and beer which I had already drunk... well, let's just say that I went to bed late Sunday night, and didn't rise again until Tuesday morning!!! It was my worst hangover ever, which is saying something for a guy of 38!!!! It had been more than 20 years since I last dabbled with spirits to that extent, and hopefully it will be even more than 20 until the next time!!!! Kids, take the advice of a grisly master of horror and steer clear of the evils of alcohol if you can!!! In moderation it's fine, as most things in life are, but gluttony is never a nice thing to witness, especially if there are hard spirits involved!!

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