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    09 August 2022

    I think it's one of those bittersweet facts of life that the endings of long book series (or movie or TV series for that matter) often leave a fair percentage of their fans disappointed. It's hard, when you invest huge chunks (sometimes years) of your life in a story, to see everything wrapped up in exactly the way YOU wanted. It's different with a stand-alone book -- you read it, you hopefully enjoy it, you finish it, the end. But with a series, you can be waiting months or years between installments. You spend lots of time thinking about the characters and plot lines, wondering what's going to happen when you come back to the story when a new entry is released. Sometimes the author's ultimate direction will chime perfectly with where you want the story to wind up, but other times it doesn't, and that's when a sense of disappointment can kick in. "I wanted THIS, but you gave me THAT."


    Overall, based on the feedback I've received over the years, I'd say that the endings of my major series (The Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak, The Demonata, The Saga Of Larten Crepsley, and Zom-B) have gone down pretty well with the majority of my readers, though there's a good few of you, as there always will be with a long series, who would beg to differ!


    Anyway, I drew another lengthy series to a close a couple of weeks ago -- my ARCHIBALD LOX series. I awaited reviews and fan feedback rather nervously, as I always do when a final book comes out, but the response has been pretty great so, especially in a review from THE LITERARY CONNOISSEUR, one of my favourite reviewers, who said:


    "This book is a masterpiece... Volume 3 is the very epitome of the phrase, "saving the best for last"... Darren Shan has, once again, done what he does best; deliver an epic ending to an epic book series."


    You can bet your house that THAT put a big, wide smile on my face!!! :-)


    You can read the full review here: https://theliteraryconnoisseur.blogspot.com/2022/07/archibald-lox-and-legion-of-lost-by.html


    And if you're new to the series, you can find out where you can buy the Archie books over here: https://darrenshan.com/news/shanville-monthly


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