• A Demonic Tarot Tuesday

    19 May 2020

    It's Tarot Tuesday time again, courtesy of Shanster Molly Marie. After producing an entire set based on my Cirque Du Freak books, Molly Marie has moved on to my Demonata series, and here are the first four masterpieces of her demonic oeuvre.


    First up, the Oppression card is represented by the sentinel of sorrow himself, Lord Loss.



    Next we have Beranabus portraying the Interference card.



    Molly Marie chose Grubbs Grady for the Change card.



    And finally we have that little menace, Artery, for the Cruelty card -- probably my favourite of the four so far.



    Lockdown has interfered with Molly Marie's schedule, as it has with a lot of us, so it might be a while before we see any more Demonata tarot cards from her, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that further delights await in the not too distant future...

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