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    20 May 2022

    Whenever I'm composing one of my daily blog posts, I usually try and tie all the various elements together nice and neatly. For instance, if I'm featuring fan art, I might use four works of the same character, or from the same series, or that link together in some other way. But today I've just pulled together four different images that were sitting on my desktop. It's not that I'm getting lazy -- they just didn't seem to naturally slot in with anything else!! :-)


    First up, a girl called Izzy sent a letter to me, and was delighted when she received a handwritten reply, which you can see her holding in the photo. I always reply to letters with handwritten letters of my own -- if you ever fell like writing to me, to get your own autographed Darren Shan letter, you can find the address here: https://darrenshan.com/contact



    The second photo was posted by a librarian at Haberdashers' Adams school in the UK a while back, showing the latest titles that they'd added to their shelves -- I was delighted to spy a copy of Volume 1 of my Archibald Lox series in the top left!! (Although it's self-published, libraries and schools CAN order in copies, through IngramSparks if they have an account with them, or else through their local bookseller or a site like Book Depository or Amazon.)



    The third photo was posted by a teacher called Laura, whose Year 6 students had made a Book Blanket (I think for World Book Day). I thought this was a lovely idea -- and even lovelier to see so many of my books in among the "blanket squares!"



    Finally there's a shot of a Halloween display in Columbia Public Library. They recommended twelve "Dark and Dangerous" books for the scary season, and one of them was a freakily fabulous little number!!!



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