• A Shantastic list

    25 April 2023

    As a very prolific author, I know it can be difficult keeping up with all my books. Quite part from the expense of buying them, there's almost the not-so-minor matter of simply figuring out just HOW MANY books I've actually released!! You can always check on the BOOKS page of my www.darrenshan.com website, but now, thanks to a Tweeter called ChaosPixie The Bookworm, you can also just run a quick eye over THIS list if you prefer!!


    ChaosPixie shared her self-compiled list with me yesterday, noting that when she picked up the ebook of Zom-B Circus, she would own ALL of my Darren Shan books, after a long time spent tracking them down. (A physical copy of Hagurosan was the latest addition.) She did confess to not owning all of my Darren Dash books for adults, but was working on that too.


    It's a hell of a list, isn't it?!? An awful LOT of books to read. How simpler things would be if I only published a book every year or two!! But hey, isn't it great to have so many to choose from, and a list that's hopefully going to expand ever further before I move on to Vampire Paradise (or the Lake of Souls!)??? I often recall Billy Wilder's infamous line about his fellow director Ernst Lubitsch. At his funeral, another director called William Wyler remarked, "No more Lubitsch." To which Billy Wilder responded, "Worse. No more Lubitsch films!"


    I might be costing some of you a small fortune, but all I can say is enjoy me while you have me, folks, because as productive as I am, I'm not planning to release any more books from the far side of the grave!!!!


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