• Another busy start

    03 February 2011

    I started the first draft of book 8 of the new series on Tuesday, having plotted it out on Monday. As before, I can't say anything about the series yet, since it's all top secret at the moment, but I'm bashing away nicely through it so far. Lots of action, bloodshed and death, you'll be pleased to hear!!!!


    I received the following email from Ayuko in Japan recently, asking a couple of  questiona about the Mr Crepsley books:


    I got your new book Darren Shan, Birth of a Killer which is in English. I finised reading this several weeks ago, and I hadn't expected that there is the next book upcoming in March! Since when I was 13 or 14 years old, I have been big fan of you. (I'm now 23!) Especially I like 'Darren Shan'. I still remember when the 3rd book was published, I didn't have enough money to buy book, because I was young. So I went to a book shop twice or 3 times and read the all pages in the book shop, because I wanted to read it as soon as possible. (I bought it when I got a liitle allowance though!) So it was very hard when I read the final book, because I never expected the new books. I got the information that you will write about Larten few years ago, but I wasn't sure when it will be. I am so glad I could read this book in the end. This time, one of my favourite characters, Larten's past was written. I really enjoyed it, because I also know the future as well. It was good that many young characters who appeared in 'Darren Shan' didn't appear, such as Gavner Purl or Kurda Smahlt. (Kurda is my absolute favourite character!) I hope I can see them in next book or the third book(?) in the future. I have a question. Is Sire Yamada in the book named after Ms Takemi Yamada? (Sorry if I pronounce wrong...)


    First, yes, we will certainly be seeing Gavner and Kurda again, along with a lot of the other characters from the vampire series. But you'll have to wait to find out whether they have a big part to play or not! Some of the old faces have major roles, while others have mere cameos. I think it will be fun trying to figure out which is which!! As for Chok Yamada, one of the vampire Princes -- he is named after the Japanese editor of The Saga of Darren Shan. I had many good times with Yamada san (or Papa san, as I more often called him!!!) and felt this would be as nice a way as any that I could honour him. I name quite a few of my characters after real people -- and normally they meet with very grisly ends, as I get quite a kick out of killing off characters based after people that I know!! But if I ever do kill off a "real" person in my books, it's always because I have huge respect or love for them -- it's an act of endermeant, not a way of getting back at people I don't like!!!! Well, except for a certain pair of rogues in The Thin Executioner, of course...

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