• ANOTHER typo?!?

    31 August 2022

    I should have known better, in my post of August 26th, when I talked about fixing a typo that a fan had spotted, than to conclude it with the folllowing line:


    "by this time tomorrow the book should be blessedly typo-free... until some other sharp-eyed super-sleuth spots another bloody one!!!"


    Within a few hours of publishing the post, another fan, called GERMAN, got in touch to politely point out that they'd spotted not just one, but TWO further typos in Archibald Lox And The Legion Of The Lost (the final book in the series), and the second was a real doozy!!!


    I can't show the screenshots that German shared with me, as they'd be spoilers for people who haven't yet read the book, but basically the first one was a small, ordinary typo -- I said that a character found their way out of the Born (that's the name for Earth in the series) when I should have said they'd found their way out of the Merge (the fantastical, alternate universe in the books). An understandable, minor mistake, easily corrected.


    But the second one was more of a boo-boo than a typo. There's a place in the series called the Crypt, and at one point I had a few characters situated in it. They left it to go somewhere else (I'm being deliberately vague here), but one of the characters stayed behind and waited for them to return. BUT, because of a complicated piece of logic which I'd mentioned earlier in the book, German pointed out that the group COULDN'T return to the Crypt unless that character had gone with them, as he was needed to open the door back to the Crypt. Doh!!!!


    I didn't have to change too much, just tweak a few lines here and there, but it's the sort of mistake I hate to have made. Typos are annoying, but we all know that in life little mistakes slip in along the way. This, on the other hand, was an oversight on my part -- I got my facts wrong, and a writer really shouldn't do that. (Though in reality, it's not as rare as one might imagine!)


    Anyway, if you've already read the book, or have bought a copy and are getting ready to read it, and are curious about the "offending fact"... it comes almost at the start of the chapter which begins with the words, "First stop..."


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