• Archibald Lox - Könyvszenvedély review

    16 August 2023

    There was a lovely review recently for Archibald Lox - Volume One, on Könyvszenvedély blog. It was especially interesting to me because the reviewer, INCI, hadn't read read any of my books before. A lot of my reviewers tend to be existing fans of my work, and I do sometimes wonder if they can be as objective as a reviewer should be -- not that I ever complain when they give me a glowing review!! That wasn't the case here, which meant I could expect no favours!


    I started reading a bit nervously (while I never taken great or terrible reviews to heart, I'd be lying if I said that a positive review doesn't make me smile, and that a negative review doesn't make me grimace), but my nerves vanished quirte early on when Inci wrote the following paragraph:


    "I have to admit that I started this book in a very depressed mood, and I was a little worried about whether I would be able to pay enough attention to the story. But after only a few pages, all my worries became a fog, because this novel really enchanted me in no time. While reading, I forgot everything, the world around me stopped. And when I put the book down, I felt that I was freed from the weights that weighed down my soul."


    Wow. What an absolutely beautiful thing for a reviewer to say!! I wish *I* could write reviews that eloquently!!!


    The review is in Hungarian, but if you copy and paste the text into Google Translate, you'll be able to read an eminently clear translation. You can find the full review here: https://konyvszenvedely.blog.hu/2023/07/22/darren_shan_az_elveszett_hercegno_archibald_lox_1


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