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    26 February 2020

    Just as readers have favourite authors, I think authors who read their reviews tend to have favourite reviewers too. I'm not talking about favouring those who always give you a glowing review -- though every positive review is of course gratefully received -- but those who have a way with words which makes a review a thing of interest and a pleasure to read, as opposed to a plainly presented synopsis/opinion. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the latter -- the vast majority of reviews fall into that category, and I always appreciate the effort it takes to write and post even the shortest of reviews -- but it's a bonus when a reviewer has a style of their own that tickles your fancy hopefully in a similar way to how you've tickled theirs.


    One of my favourite, more eloquently inclined reviewers, is George Bastow, who publishes his reviews on the Books, Films & Random Lunacy blog. He has a way of writing reviews about my books that sometimes makes me appreciate them in a fresh light, as in -- "Wow, I didn't realise my book was THAT good, but George has convince me that I created a masterpiece!!!" :-) :-) :-)


    All jesting aside, George regularly trots out lines in his reviews that could have easily graced the inside of any author's novel. For instance, when writing about my latest Darren Dash novel for adults, Molls Like It Hot, he came up with these zingers for the two lead characters, Eyrie Brown and Toni Curtis:


    "He is basically a 21st century Luddite, owning just two pieces of technology, a smartphone which he seldom uses to its full capability and a TV so old it will probably turn up on the next series of Antiques Roadshow."


    "In Toni Curtis the author has created his most seductively psychotic female lead yet. She is a human hand grenade of danger, unpredictability and sex appeal, and God help anyone brave enough to pull her pin."


    With lines like that, I almost wouldn't have minded if George hadn't actually enjoyed the book -- but luckily he considered it a "cracking little novel" that "would be prime pickings for any TV or Netflix exec looking to make a hit gangland show to rival the likes of Peaky Blinders."


    If you'd like to check out George's entire review -- and I do most strongly recommend that you do -- you can find it by clicking on the following link:



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