• Bye bye Grandad

    23 May 2010

    Sorry I haven't posted a blog for so long but it's been a difficult week. My Grandad fell seriously ill last Monday and spent the whole of the week passing way. He finally moved on to Vampire Paradise this Sunday at 2.25pm. I spent most of the week up at his house, and while I did my best to Tweet every day, I wasn't able to find the time or energy to blog. It's a sad occasion, obviously, but he lived a full life and was 84 and a half years old when he died, and he went very peacefully, surround by his family -- so, all things considered, he can't have too many complaints!! We were very close, especially since he retired and moved back to the village where I live 18 or so years ago. I was very lucky to have him around and in my life for such a long time. I'll miss him massively now that he's gone.

    It was a long, hard week for all of us, but not without its lighter moments. My favourite came late Friday night. He looked to be on his way out that night. His breathing had deteriorated and he hadn't shown any signs of consciousness for quite a while. We were gathered around him, most of his kids and a few of his many grandads. Every time he took a deep breath, we froze, thinking this was the end. We watched in absolute silence for ages. The he coughed and shuddered. Everyone leaned forward, ready to bid him farewell, tears welling in all our eyes. A beautiful, serene moment.

    Then he opened his eyes, looked around at us, blinked and said "What's wrong?"

    We fell about laughing!!!!

    That's how I'll remember him.

    John Barry, 1925 - 2010. RIP.

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