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    13 March 2023

    Sorry I didn't post here yesterday. Although Mother's Day in Ireland is next Sunday, Mrs Shan is going to be away then, so we celebrated it a week early. That meant I was out of action all day, spending quality time with her and the kids. I'd normally schedule a post in situations like that, but forgot to do it this time -- whoops!! Anyway, here we go with some Sunday Shan snaps, a mere 24 hours later than I'd normally post them...


    Back in November, the day after we had our house fire, the Shans decamped to Center Parcs Ireland for the next few days. We'd booked the holiday a long time before, and our insurers told us we should go ahead and do it -- there was nothing we could do with the house during those first few days, and they said it would be good for us to get away from it all. They were right too -- we were facing into a VERY testing few months, and this little break helped us a lot. Here are some photos from that trip, with more to come over the next few Sundays (or Mondays, as the case might be!!).





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