• Chipping away as usual!

    17 September 2011

    Time for a quick blog about what I've been up to recently! After Edinburgh I went on holiday to the Madlives. Had a nice, relaxing time. Did lots of snorkelling and swimming. Got to see up-close sharks, turtles, sting-rays and more in the sea -- incredible!! We stayed in a place called Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, and while it wasn't our favourite hotel ever (extremely good, mind, just not our absolute fave!!), the house reef was the best we've yet to encounter. After plenty of time in the sea, along with lots of good food and a few trips to the spa (as well as a few workouts in the gym!), I returned home refreshed and calm and ready to jump back into action on my PC!!


    Which is what I did! First I edited the proofs for the last volume of the Cirque Du Freak manga -- that will come out in the States in the not too distant future; for fans in the UK who were wondering why publication has stalled, please note that there were some technical issues that we had to iron out, but the rest of the volumes should start seeing print in the near future. Then I edited book 10 of my new series, and then I started work on the first draft of book 11. I had to take a break after just 3 days, to come to London for some shows and football, but it's started well and I'm itching to launch myself straight back into it on Monday!! For those who've had to endure updates from me over the last few years about the new series, with absolutely no more information than that I'm working on something new -- rejoice!! The day of the big announcement is coming, hopefully within the next few months, if all goes according to plan. At the moment I still can't say anything about the plot or anything else (except, obviously, since I'm working on book 11, it's going to be at least 11 books long, if not more!!). But as soon as I get the go-ahead from my publishers, I'll be only too happy to tell you guys all about it. So please hold tight for the next few months, and when the time is right, you'll be able to read about it here, first, as you always are with news and updates from the world of Darren Shan!!!! Shan exclusives are what I'm all about!!!!! :-)

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