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    22 December 2010

    I usually try to post a blog a bit closer to Christmas Day, but I probably won't get a chance this year, because my phone services have not yet been transferred over to me new house!! So I'm going to take this chance to wish every one of you a truly heartfelt Merry Christmas!!! I've been busy with the move over the last few days -- it seems to have been going on forever by this stage!! I hit my lowest point a couple of nights ago when I caught my little finger in a folding ladder -- it swelled to about double its size and I felt nauseous and faint!!!! But I recovered from that nasty little blow and all has been brighter since then. The vast bulk of the building work has now been finished. The builders are out. I've unpacked most of my boxes. My office is starting to take shape. Things are looking GOOD -- even if my little finger is still looking PURPLE!!!!!!


    I did my final event of the year yesterday, in a town called Hospital. It was a small school for children who have had problems in regular schools -- it can only hold 35 pupils at any given time, and quite a few of those were absent because of the bad weather. But even though it was my smallest school event of the year, it was one of the most enjoyable -- the school had a really warm vibe, and you could tell the staff were working there because they loved making a difference, and that the students recgnised that and were responding positively in reaction. I opened their new library, read my Lord Loss extract, then had a nice slice of apple tart to round it all off!!!


    To wrap up this yuletide blog, I'm going to finish with an email I received a few weeks ago from a boy called Vince. I think the email shows how much of an impact that books can have on a person's life, and is a nice seasonal reminder that there is hope for all of us, as long as we grit our teeth and fight the good fight. If YOUR Christmas isn't the best ever, and you're feeling a bit low, please pause, think of Vince and make up your mind to struggle on. Life isn't always easy -- but it's always worth fighting for!!!!


    I am a 14 year old in the 8th grade and I have been reading the Demonata series since I was in 4th. I finished it earlier today in a psychiatric ward. I was put in for depression/ suicide watch on Friday. (Today is Monday) and I would like to say... Your series has been a major part of my life. And today, when I read your book... The second to last page, when you state that you have to take every challenge the universe throws at you, because its not impossible... I think that statement helped me more than just about every psychologist/ psychiatrist I have ever spoken to. I wanted to say thanks. For an amazing series, and for real life help. To this day, you are my favorite author of all times. No one can write like you. Also, I was released from the ward today... The same day I finished your book... And I don't think I'll ever be going back. Thanks again Mr. Shan. You sir, are the greatest. And I will never forget that fateful day when I first eyed the book "Lord Loss" in the bookstore. Little did I know, it would lead me to a series that would happen to be the most influential piece of literature ever to grace my life. Thanks again. Vince.

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