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    27 February 2024

    Lord Loss, the first book of my Demonata series, was published way back in 2005. Hell's Heroes, the final book, came out in 2009. So, 19 years since the series began, and 15 since it ended. In all that time, nobody has come in strong, looking to adapt it into a movie or film. Cirque Du Freak has been optioned (twice), and Zom-B, and Lady of the Shades, and for a while there was even interest in a Koyasan musical (!!!), but no one seemed to be feeling the love for a potential Demonata adaptation. A few lukewarm enquiries to my agent from time to time, but nothing that ever led to anything further.


    Recently, that's changed. Like the old cliche of waiting for a bus for ages, only for three to come along all at the same time, a few people from different sectors got in touch with me over the last few months, and I'm pleased to be able to announce that after going through things carefully with my agents, I signed an option with two young British film/tv-makers today, giving them the rights to explore developing the books into scripts (or at least a pitch) which they can then take to various production firms in the hope of stirring up interest and landing ourselves a deal to take things further forward.


    This is a VERY early stage of the process, and I always urge caution when it comes to options, as most of the time they don't result in anything concrete. Sometimes I don't even announce publicly that I've signed up to an option -- with Zom-B and Cirque Du Freak, I waited until things had moved on quite a bit and scripts had been written and wheels had been set in motion, before saying anything to my fans about them.


    But, having waited so long for a bite on my Demonata line, I thought I'd dispense with normal protocol and give the deal an early shout-out!! Don't get your hopes up. Don't hold your breath waiting for further news. But do feel free to start dreaming, and debating among yourselves how in an ideal world you'd best love to see it adapted!!


    Updates to hopefully follow... but probably not for many months (or years!) down the road...



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    No Avatarnk
    28, Feb, 2024
    waiting forever

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