• Double shelves

    10 February 2023

    A while back, I featured photos from Shansters who had sent me pics of my books arranged on a single book shelf, turning it into a fun competition to see who could squeeze in the most. In a follow-up post, here are four photos from fans who sent me pics of DOUBLE shelves -- I thought it would be interesting to see what other authors they have paired me up with!

    The first photo comes to us courtesy of TREVOR, who clearly likes stuffed toys as much as books!!! Trevor has me sitting nicely above the likes of Stephen King, Peter Straub, Edgar Allan Poe. I like his style!!

    The second comes to us from a Tweeter who uses the handle BOOTS IN BOOKS. I'm on the lower shelf this time, but I don't mind, especially given the breadth of Boots' Shan -- and Darren Dash -- collection! If you own this many of my books, feel free to stack them wherever you please!!! Teetering above me, I spot Dracula by Bram Stoker, which of course is the second most natural match in the world for my books! (You'll find out what the MOST natural match is in sample 4!!) Lots of Harry Potter and Eragon books too... yeah, I can live with those!!

    Third, we have two shelves from the house of FARID. A nice mix of my books, surrounded by works from Stephen King (again), Eoin Colfer and Rick Riordan. All worthy stable mates, BUT... Jeffrey Archer?!? Hmmm!!!!!

    Finally, we have two shelves belonging to another Tweeter, with the handle of LUCIFER LOVEGOOD. Lucifer, with devilish cunning, stacks their Darren Shan books with the most natural, and best of companions -- MORE Darren Shan books!!! Because hey, while sharing shelf space is all very diplomatic and nice, DOMINATION is what I'm truly after!!! 10/10 to Lucifer for studying hard and learning their books-stacking lessons well -- the rest of you, back to class for detention!!! :-) :-) :-)





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