• Dratted distractions!!

    14 July 2010

    It's been a bit of a fractured week so far! I worked as normal on Saturday, then went to Limerick with Kenny and another friend of ours to watch the World Cup final. It was no classic, but then World Cup finals very rarely are these days. I would have liked the Netherlands to have tried to play a bit more attractive football, but I could understand why they didn't -- football is all about winning and they thought they had a game plan to get the best of the Spanish. And it almost worked -- if Robben had just taken his clearcut chance, they could have been World champions. But in the end stylish football won out and Spain emerged as the winners -- although I was rooting for the Dutch at the start of the night, I have to admit that the right team won in the end.

    I relaxed on Sunday and took things easy. I did some work on Monday, but kept getting interrupted by things which needed to be attended to -- office-related matters, and also stuff to do with the building of my extension -- we're at the stage where our input is required, so I've had to focus on that quite a lot recently. On Tuesday I had a couple of new statues delivered, and had to help install them in the garden -- that took up most of the day. Then today I had to deal with more office and extension stuff, as well as working on wrapping up the loose ends on my new web site. I did manage to get some editing done, but not as much as I would have wished. Hopefully the next few days will bring a few less distractions and I can fire ahead with a bit more "real" work...

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