• End of January memes

    28 January 2022

    It's almost the end of what often feels like the longest, gloomiest month of the year, so let's brighten things up and head into the weekend chuckling on the back of some rib-tickling Darren Shan memes!!


    The first was shared with me by a Tweeter called Vampire Council, and neatly captures the feelings of many Shansters when asked to choose between the Cirque Du Freak movie or the books.


    The skeletal second meme was created by Festival Of The Undead, whose work I've featured often in these posts -- but HEY!!! there's nothing "silly" about making Darren Shan memes or fan fiction!!! :-)


    The third was shared with me by Kammie, and refers to book 6 of the series.


    And the fourth, which will hopefully leave you more misty-eyed than grinning, was made by Darren Memes.


    Have a great weekend, everybody -- and roll on the short and punchy February!!! Hurray!!!!





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