• Evelyn’s Casket take a trip to the Cirque Du Freak

    31 March 2021

    A horrorpunk band called Evelyn's Casket has recorded a song called Cirque Du Freak, inspired by my book called... well, I think that's fairly obvious! :-)


    This is a really catchy little number, a lot of rockin' fun. I've been banging my head along to it a lot over the last few days, a big silly smile plastered across my face. You too can listen it, for FREE, on Bandcamp, but if you wish to download it, so that you can listen to it on your device, as often as you like, any time that you like (and support the band in the process) it's also available to buy for $1.


    So click on the following link, turn the volume up loud (but not so loud that you burst your eardrums!) and take a trip to the Cirque Du Freak...




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