• Everyone’s favourite baddie?!?

    13 August 2022

    All these years later, Steve Leopard continues to be probably my most beloved villain, the character of mine than most Shansters love to hate. Some, such as Lord Loss and Dan-Dan (from my Zom-B books) are wilder and viler, but I think Steve's human side is what endears him to so many readers -- as much as we hate him, we feel sympathy for him too (at least, *I* do, and I hope my readers do as well). I always wanted Steve to be a "there but for the grace of God go I" type of character. As I've often said, Darren and Steve are like two halves of my own personality, and there's a lot of me in both of them, the bad as well as the good.


    Steve has proven popular among fan artists ever since kids (and adults) first started sending me drawings, and here are four especially fine examples of Master Leonard looking his stunning, dark-hearted best.


    The first is by FROG, the second by LIV, the third by NOEL, the fourth by SLEEPCRY.


    I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. I think you will. Indeed, I can thin of only one person who might find any fault in these -- Steve Leopard!! "Meh!" I hear him sneer in my imagination. "These are rubbish!! What a bunch of losers!!!" :-) :-) :-)





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    No AvatarMorsen
    13, Aug, 2022
    I agree. there's something about being told your evil and finally becoming one that just works so good in stories.

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