• Fave movies and TV shows of 2022

    18 January 2023

    A week or so ago I posted about the best books I had read in 2022. So I thought it would be nice to provide a companion post, listing my favourite movies and TV shows from last year, but that's proven a bit tricky, at least on the TV front...

    The problem with TV shows is that in any given year, I'm usually in the middle of a show's complete run. I tend not to rate a show until I've seen it through to its end (or given up on it), so I only have records for TV shows that I finished watching in 2022 -- thus I can't list a show like Succession, which I only began watching a few months ago, and which has another couple of seasons still to run. (But off the record, I absolutely LOVE it, and it's one of my fave shows of recent years).

    So, with that fairly big proviso, here's a short list of the very best TV shows that I finished last year, and the best movie that I watched. (There was only one film that I awarded 9 out of 10 stars to in 2022.)


    BETTER CALL SAUL -- I loved Breaking Bad, and wasn't sure a Saul Goodman spin-off was going to amount to much, but boy was I wrong!! I'm not going to claim that the prequel surpasses the original -- they're both brilliant, so why split hairs? -- but it did move me in ways that BB didn't.

    INSIDE NO. 9 -- I'm still watching this (memorably, I was watching an episode the night I suffered my house fire in November!), so it shouldn't really be on this list, but since each episode is a stand-alone, I've rated them individually (something I almost never do for a TV series), and several of them made it into my top views of 2022.

    TIME -- a mini-series starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham. Powerful and moving.

    HOMELAND -- I spread this series out over several years, as I was enjoying it so much. It had its ups and downs, but at its best it was spellbinding.


    WADJDA -- think a Saudi Arabian film about a school's Koran recitation competition can't possibly be worth a look? Think again!!!

    That's it. Those were my faves from 2022 (and just before). How about you guys? Anything great that I've missed?!?

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