• Final fan art of 2022

    31 December 2022

    It's my final post of 2022, and since this is a Saturday, and I normally post fan art on Saturdays, I figured I'd give the final word of the year to you guys, and feature three fantastic drawings based on my Archibald Lox books, which finished earlier this year when the final three books were published in the summer.


    The first, by EMI, was inspired by a line in the third book (part of the Volume 1 story arc) that goes: "What if memories can serve as a key too?" It's a wonderfully imaginative rendering of the scene, that will only make complete sense to people who have read the book. (So, if you haven't, maybe this is the perfect time to start!!!)


    The second drawing, by LIV, relates to book 8 (part of the Volume 3 arc), and focuses on a scene where Archie finds himself trapped in a most unusual well, with a most unusual resident. (Again, you'll need to read the books to fully understand what is happening here.)


    The final drawing, by THOMAS, focuses on the first chapter of the very first book, when Archie (we see him from the rear here) first spots three strange people on a bridge in London, who serve as his gateway to a parallel universe known as the Merge. One of those is girl called Inez, who is fleeing for her life. The other two are Orlan Stiletto and Argate Axe, two of the Merge's most sinister -- and criminally coolest -- killers, who are hot on Inez's heels.


    We haven't been treated to a HUGE amount of Archibald Lox fan art over the last twelve months, but the pieces that fans have produced have been of an incredibly high standard, and I'm delighted and honoured to be able to sign off 2022 with a trio of works as stunning as these.


    I hope you all have a wonderful last night of the year, and fingers crossed that 2023 turns out to be a great one for all of us!!




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