• Four faces of Grubbs Grady

    28 August 2021

    I'm making Grubbs Grady the star of this Fan Art Saturday post, with four VERY different takes on him by four different fans. (This is partly why I love books so much. With films, TV shows, video games and comics, everyone sees the same thing, so artistic fans generally draw very similar versions of characters from those media. But with books, every reader creates their own visual look for the worlds and characters inside their imagination, which means you can end up with such wildly differing drawings of the same character as these.)


    The first is by Jojo, and it focuses on Grubbs as he undergoes a transformation into a werewolf. Jojo also created a short speed art video on YouTube, which swiftly takes you through the work that went into producing such a monumental piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNeAuDx0gFg


    The second is by an artist known only as FP, and this gives us an idea of what Grubbs might look like if there was ever a manga adaptation of The Demonata. (Sadly, I don't think there ever will be, as my demon books weren't as popular as my vampire series in Japan, where the Cirque Du Freak manga originally started life.)


    The third, featuring a rather buff-looking Grubbs, was drawn by Katie.


    The fourth, by Tony, rather masterfully captures the mischievous Grubbs that we first meet in Lord Loss. This is a boy who has probably spent more time in detention that the rest of us have spent in the bathroom!!!! :-)


    Oh, and just in case you're unfamiliar with the Cirque Du Freak manga that I referenced above... click here for enlightenment! https://darrenshan.com/news/shanville-monthly





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    No AvatarCole Dunning
    16, Mar, 2023
    Grubbs Grady is an amazing character that I put on par with protagonists like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and John Smith (Lorien Legacies). The Demonata series has always been one of my favorite book series. I just wish we could get one more book lbs. I wanna see the world Grubbs, Kernel, and Bec create, and how they explain everything to Beranabus, Dervish, and Bill-E. Also, I wanna see how the Demonata's universe operates now that Lord Loss is in charge.

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