• Four faces of Noel

    18 June 2022

    It's no great surprise to me when four different Shansters produce four very different pieces of artwork of the same character -- as I've often said over the years, one of the advantages that books have over other story-telling media is that each reader imagines the settings and characters of a book in their own unique way. It makes for an extremely personal connection, one that visual media can't compete with, because everybody sees the same sets and faces in a movie, TV show, video game, comic...


    But it DOES surprise me when a single Shanster produces four such different interpretations of a single character -- in this case, the world's youngest, bravest, smartest, and best-looking (ahem!!!) Vampire Prince... Darren Shan!!!


    These were all drawn by NOEL, who sometimes also goes by the handle, The Prince Of Ale. Noel's produced a LOT of art over the last few months, and I love how he's been experimenting with his subjects, not just drawing the same face over and over. I think each of these works is wonderful, but I must admit a special fondness for the fourth, with the hypno-eyes Darren!!


    But which is YOUR favourite?!?





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