• Fundraiser still live

    29 November 2023

    The fundraiser for THE TERRIFIED TROLL came to its scheduled conclusion this morning. I'm delighted to be able to announce that not only did we hit our €10,000 target -- we exceeded it! The campaign total, as I type this, now stands in excess of an amazing €11,500!!


    This isn't actually the end of the road for the campaign. If a campaign hits its target, as we have done, Indiegogo allows the fundraisers to keep it open, so that new backers can continue to buy the perks on offer. We've decided to take advantage of that, to allow more people to pre-order the book and save up for any of the remaining perks that they've had their eye on. So, if YOU were hoping to buy a print or arrange a Zoom call or an in-the-flesh meeting with me, there's still time to get your funds in place and secure your purchase -- while we don't have an exact end date yet confirmed, I imagine we're going to let it run until shortly after Christmas.


    Although it will be a long time before the book is ready to ship, we're going to be processing most of the perks this month. I shipped off seven of the handwritten poems today, and the drafts portfolios are almost good to go too. I've scheduled in lots of Zoom chats, and have three meetings with fans in London next week. And Eva will be printing off the first batch of prints very soon, and shipping them out.


    Thanks so much to everyone who's pre-ordered a book or bought a perk. We hope you love your poems, portfolios and prints when they arrive (or when you get to chat with or meet Darren), and please rest assured that we're working hard on the book to be able to get it into your hands as soon as we possibly can...


    Oh, and if you're interested in one of those aforementioned poems... TWO are still available. Each is handwritten by me, with a beautiful sketch of the troll by Eva, and they're signed and numbered too. But be quick -- as I said, only TWO copies remain on sale, and there won't be any more once they go!


    To buy a handwritten Darren Shan poem, or to pre-order a copy of the book or check out the other perks, click here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-bring-our-troll-to-life/x/35435619#/


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