• Killing time in self-isolation

    19 March 2020

    This made me chuckle -- a fan of my books called Kendra posted a photo showing how she plans to pass a good chunk of her time in self-isolation! :-)


    In all seriousness, this may well be the perfect time for many of us to catch up on our reading. Like lots of you, I've been watching more TV shows than usual on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but Man cannot live on TV shows alone -- it would be nice (and good for us!) if we all used some of those extra hours to read a few books too.


    I've published 51 books to date, if you include my books for adults, as well as a few novellas. If you haven't read them all, and want to check to find out what you've missed, they're all listed over on the Books page on my web site: https://www.darrenshan.com/books


    And for those of you who HAVE read them all... I've put my thinking cap on and hopefully I'll be coming up with a little something for you over the next week or two which will help you kill a few more minutes of quarantine. Stay tuned for updates...


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