• Lonely Hearts Vancha

    31 January 2020

    If Vancha March ever posted a lonely hearts ad (hey, I'm old school, hailing from a time before Tinder and the like, so the lonely heart ads are still a thing as far as this middle-aged ex-vampire prince is concerned!) it would probably run something like this:


    "Hi, I'm Vancha, a green-haired Adonis of a man. Want to know the secrets of my lustrous green locks? If you get close enough to me, and pass all your Trials, I might just lean over and whisper it in your ear one bright moony night when the wolves are howling out a love song in our honour..."


    And since he couldn't be photographed, he'd probably include a drawing or two, like this pair, which were both shared with me by a fan called Luna a while back. Hey, for all I know, maybe Luna and Vancha are already a thing, and he posed for these in person -- although obviously not at the same time -- his hair doesn't grow THAT fast!!!!



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