• Madrid beckons

    31 May 2019

    Today I head to Madrid in search of... glory!


    Tottenham Hotspur is the football (soccer) team that I've supported all my life. We've never been overly successful -- the last time we won the league was in 1961 -- but we've played attractive football and won quite a few cups. This year, against all the odds, we've made it to the Champions League Final. It's our first time ever getting there, and it's something that most of us fans never truly even dreamed of -- it just seemed too far beyond our capabilities. But, with a passionate manager and coaching staff... a team of incredibly hard-working players who have never stopped believing... and a bit (OK, a lot!) of good luck... we're here, at the pinnacle of club football, the world's most prestigious club football game.


    As a season ticket holder, I was able to get a ticket through legitimate channels, so I and a few friends are making the trip to Madrid to support our boys and cheer them on. Whatever the outcome, it's been an amazing journey, and we're going to be applauding them at the end no matter what. But, y'know, I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed in the hope that we'll be applauding a famous victory, not just a famous effort.


    "The stuff that dreams are made of..."


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