• Mammoth Halloween signing!

    05 November 2010

    Sorry (again!) for the lack of updates on this blog over the last week and a half. The house is the main reason why I haven't been blogging so regularly -- there have been so many issues to deal with that my head has been spinning! Happily I managed to get away for a while from the world of floorboards, window blinds and staircases for a while last Saturday, when I went in to Limerick to do a public signing for Halloween. I had only committed to it a couple of weeks earlier, so I wasn't sure if I'd get a big crowd or not, but the staff at Eason's did a great job promoting it and I was in there signing for over three and a quarter hours!! A lovely way to round off my October events!!! The next night I had a quiet one -- I was too exhausted to go out and celebrate Halloween! But we had lots of trick or treaters, which was nice -- I especially liked a large group of very young kids, each of whom did a little party piece, like a spooky poem or song!!

    I flew over to London on Tuesday and headed up to White Hart Lane to watch Spurs play Inter Milan, the current champions of Europe. Having been torn apart by them in our away leg a couple of weeks ago, we were all a bit nervous. Also, this was the first time in 50 years that we had played a team of their quality in Europe's top competition. But, as if in a dream, we dominated play from the start and spanked them 3-1!!! I was in seventh heaven afterwards! A rare, remarkable night at the Lane. One to tell the grandkids about in years to come!!!!

    On Wednesday, Bas and I went to see a production of "The Railway Children" in the train station in Waterloo. They've converted part of the old Eurostar station and turned it into a remarkable venue. I wasn't that bothered about the play -- a bit too old-fashioned for my tastes, designed to be appreciated more by oldsters who had fond memories of the film or book, rather than by the children it's osensibly aimed at -- but the venue and staging were first-rate, and I'd strongly recommend catching it before it ends for those reasons alone.

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