• Meet Darren Shan!!! p.s.

    23 November 2023

    When I posted yesterday about your chance to buy one of my Terrified Troll fundraising PERKS and either meet with me or go on a tour with me, I forgot to mention that the prices had been heavily discounted, a couple of them VERY recently. Doh!!! So I'm going to quickly mention the perks again -- sorry for the content overlap!


    So, yeah, if you want to meet me in Limerick for two hours, it will cost €200. A similar meeting in Dublin will be €250, and in London it will be €275. (Dublin and London are more expensive because I have to factor in travel costs.) Not cheap, I know, but the perks were much more expensive when we first launched the fundraiser, so I think they offer really good value at this price, based on what I've seen other authors charge for such events. (Not that such opportunities ever get offered very often!)


    I've reduced the prices of the TOURS by an even larger amount, knocking a bit more off today, in the hope of tempting some of you out of hiding! :-) The BEC tour in Craggaunown Park in Ireland is now up for grabs at just €250, while the ZOM-B tour of London is down to €300. These are the lowest prices I'm going to be able to offer, so no more discounts after today. Again, I know it's a lot of money, but I think the tours will be VERY memorable for anyone who opts to come along on one. I really never have done anything like them before.


    While I've pitched the meetings and tours as one-to-one events, you also have the option of teaming up with other Shansters if you want to bring the costs down. I don't mind how many of you come along, so if you find someone willing to go halves, you're more than welcome to split the cost. If you get two Shan fans on boards, you need only pay a third each... Heck, if you got 299 fans to chip in with you, the London tour would only cost a pound each, but it wouldn't really be all that much of a personal affair with that many of you tagging along behind me... :-) :-) :-)


    Anyway, look, I'm not trying to give you guys the hard sell, but there's less than a week less to run of the campaign, so I just thought I'd point out the discounted prices, and the option of getting one or more other fans involved to bring the costs down, in case it swung the dial around into your favour.


    If you'd like to find out more about the perks, and how to book YOUR up-close-encounter with Darren Shan, click here:

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