• More Shantastic bookshelves!

    25 February 2022

    Every time I share photos of fans' bookshelves, it creates a bit a of a stir. The last time I did it, a few weeks ago, it resulted in a deluge of fresh photos being sent to me by other fans who were keen to let me see what THEIR Shan shelves looked like. So here are four more, to satisfy the cravings of shelf-hungry bibliophiles worldwide!!


    My initial reaction to the first, by Emelie, was that the books had been stacked randomly and messily, and I started to mentally compose a post about how Mr Tiny would approve of the chaos! Then I took another look and realised they're actually stacked in perfect order -- it's just that she own different editions of the books!! My apologies for every doubting you, Emelie!!!! :-)


    I love the little figurines in the second, shared by Rachel. I have to admit, I'm not familiar with the author Brittany Weisrock, but I suspect she must be well worth checking out, since Rachel has chosen to use my books to frame hers!


    The third features a PROPER bookshelf -- the old-fashioned, heavy type that's perfect for barricading your door in case of a zombie attack!! It belongs to Alice. I always wonder, when I see hardbacks without their covers, if they were bought this way -- e.g. from a library -- or if the owners have taken off the covers and stored them elsewhere, somewhere darker, where they'll be safe from the harming, fading rays of sunlight...


    The final set of shelves, property of Alicja, boasts a stunning amount of books -- my eyes literally boggle every time I look at them!! It took me a while to spot my own titles in among the mix, but they're in the top right, and Alicja owns some VERY early printings of the British editions of The Saga Of Darren Shan. Collectors everywhere, prepare to drool!!!!




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