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    10 August 2022

    Over the last few weeks, lots of fans have been sharing photos of messages that I wrote in their books when on tour. I've been having great fun reading these old messages, and judging by the responses whenever I've posted a few of them, you guys have been enjoying reading them too. So here are four more, in chronological order!


    The first dates back to 2004, when I was on tour in the USA, and signed a copy of Cirque Du Freak for SABRINA. The Cirque Du Freak patch was an iron-on patch which my publishers were giving away for free at the time, to help promote the series. It's been a LONG time since I saw one of them in the flesh -- I wonder if any were ever actually ironed on, or if most fans kept them with the books, as Sabrina did?!?


    The second dates to 2008, when I was touring to promote the release of Wolf Island (book 8 in my Demonata series). I signed this copy for AMY with one of my specially imported quick-drying silver pens. The hardbacks of the Demonata books had a lovely black interior page, and I loved writing message in silver on them, as they looked so damn COOL!! But with normal silver pens, fans had to keep the books open for quite while, or else the ink smeared -- they just weren't practical. Then I discovered fast-drying beauties when I was on tour in Japan, and I was able to source them through a store in the USA. I spent a small fortune on those pens over the years, but I regret nothing -- the beauty of those messages was well worth the price!!!!


    The third was signed for REBECCA on one of my Zom-B tours, in 2014. While I tend to recycle messages when on tour, I love when I'm able to write something unique for a fan, based on something they're wearing, or something that they say to me while we're chatting. If I remember correctly, Rebecca was in the Royal Navy, and wearing her uniform, hence this message!!


    The final signature, for DINAH, isn't actually in a book, but in a birthday card, which I signed for her quite recently. I might not be touring much these last few years, but fans are still able to send me letters, to which I always reply with a handwritten letter of my own -- and sometimes, if it's a special occasion like Dinah's, with something a bit different!! If YOU ever want to write to me, you can find the address here: https://darrenshan.com/contact





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