• Moving house

    02 December 2010

    Sorry I've been absent for so long from the blogging world, but I've spent the last week preparing to move back into my house after being out of it for a year while it was being vastly extended. I made the move in last night, although there's still quite a lot of work going on, and layers of dust are stalking the rooms like the world's smallest, ever-moving army!!! It was strange, being back inside after so long away -- but a nice kind of strange!! I'm still in the middle of moving all of my stuff back in, and then I'll have to begin the process of unpacking it all and finding a place for everything -- that's going to take weeks in total, if not months!!! So I won't linger long now except to say I made time in among all the moving to post the latest issue of the Shanville Monthly online, with all the most recent news and updates, plus a super-cool December competition in which you can win one of my touring T-shirts and a signed proof copy of Birth of a Killer!!!! You can check it out here: http://www.darrenshan.com/news/shanville-monthly/

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