• Mr Crepsley fan art

    28 December 2019

    I love how readers interpret my characters in their own individual way. I've always said that's one of the main advantages that books have over other story-telling platforms, e.g. movies, TV shows, comics, video games. In all of those other media, everyone sees the same things, but with books, each of us uses the words to create our own unique visualization of the world and characters described therein. That's how we can end up with two such diverse depictions of a character like Mr Crepsley as presented below.


    The first, the dark and brooding Larten, is drawn by a fan called Takashi Yamaguchi. This is how Darren would have seen him when their paths first crossed at the Cirque Du Freak, and indeed, it's how Larten would have seen himself for much of his life, especially the period described in the Saga Of Larten Crepsley books. You can check out more of the artist's work on their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/tksyamaguchi/?hl=en



    The second, by a fan called Frankie, was drawn as a Secret Santa present in a little event called Cirquemas that Frankie ran in the run-up to Christmas. It shows us a Larten who might at first seem to be unrelated to the character we spent so much time with in my books. But then, if we think about the younger Larten, who was a hit with the ladies... who lived the high life in Paris for a time... who became such a caring father figure to Darren... Yeah, if we think about THAT Larten, I think this picture makes perfect sense. It's a drawing that I can imagine Evanna keeping in a locket, to look at when she wants to look back on the past with a fond, wistful smile...



    My latest Darren Dash novel for adults, the fast-paced and twist-packed noir thriller, Molls Like It Hot, is on sale through Amazon stores worldwide NOW, either as a paperback or ebook. To find out more, click here: www.darrendashbooks.com

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