• Next Darren Dash book title reveal

    28 July 2023

    Here's a nice little weekend treat for you all -- the title of my next Darren Dash book for adults!!! Yes, in a world exclusice scoop, I'm delighted to announce that the name of the book is...


    ...drum roll please...




    I can also reveal that I've set the release date to be...




    And if all that wasn't enough, here's the book blurb as it currently stands -- this will probably be tweaked closer to publication, but here's how I'm currently pitching the book:


    "Cassique is a time travelling Fixer in AD 2853. It's his job to nip back into the past and fix problems which threaten to wipe out the world of the twenty-ninth century. But the longer Cassique spends in those past times, the more he comes to wonder if the docile, VR-obsessed people of his present would actually benefit from a reset. It's a dangerous thought, because that would mean taking a stand against Father, the world-running super-computer, and Father takes a very dim view of any form of rebellion.


    "When Cassique teams up with a couple of relatively famous figures from the past, they start trying to formulate a plan to make time travel work in their favour, and return the reins of control to humanity. But they have to be exceedingly careful, because Father might be listening...


    "A darkly comic cross between 1984 and Time Bandits, this science fiction work shines a light on the dangers of putting too much power in the hands of a computer, and is more timely than ever when framed against the recent debate concerning the rise of AI."


    The book is currently rolling out for pre-order across Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. Unlike my other Darren Dash books, the ebook will be widely available, NOT confined to Amazon, so you'll be able to buy it through your seller of choice. There will also be a paperback edition, though I'm still deciding whether that will be published by Amazon or a company that can distribute it more widely.


    So, are you getting excited?!?


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    No AvatarGracie
    28, Jul, 2023
    So excited! You were a huge part of my childhood. My friends always thought your books were on the darker side but they really were comforting to me. I used to read them when I was going through it. Haven’t read in a while but I follow you on twitter & love your posts!
    Thank you for all of the good times.
    I would love to purchase the paperback book version. If you do the audio you should totally do it with your voice. :)

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