• Nine days in—end in sight!

    08 October 2010

    Day 9 of the tour, and I'm writing this ahead of the day's events in Bolton. The last couple of days have been just as fab as the first six -- I haven't yet had any dodgy events, poor turnouts, or weak sales! Did a big schools event in Cockermouth on Wednesday,followed by a fun public event at the same venue that night. Another really good school event in Kirkham on Thursday, followed by a full house event in Thornton Cleveley's last night. The tour has flwon by so far -- hard to believe there are only two days left after this!!

    There was a very nice interview with me in The Sun Scotland: CLICK HERE. It was a well-written, emotionally-stirring piece, in which I strongly criticised a serial killer by the name of Peter Tobin. I'd no problem with that -- Tobin DOES sound like a thoroughly nasty piece of work -- though it did make me scratch my head a bit, as I'd never heard of him before I read the article!!! In the interview, I did state that I thought real-life serial killers were much scarier than make-believe monsters in books and films, and the journalist obviously decided to used a real example to give the article more strength. It's an interesting look into how a newspaper piece can come together, and reminded that you should never believe EVERYthing that you read -- unless of course it's The Saga Of Darren Shan, in which everything is absolutely 100% true!!!!  :-)

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