• Olmec Shan

    10 September 2021

    A Shanster who was a recent visitor to the Hunt Museum in Limerick was tickled to spot an essay highlighting the Olmec Man sculpture, which is part of their collection, written by... ME?!?


    I was asked to do this several years ago, and having visited the Hunt Museum often over the years (I've even done events there), how could I refuse? I remember wandering pleasantly, trying to decide which piece I would write about, and then I came upon the Olmec Man, and it was a case of decision made. It was nice to look back on my words from that time, and even nicer to see that my essay is being recyled and reused all these years later!


    If you're ever in the Limerick region, and fancy a visit to the Hunt Musuem, I highly recommend it -- it's small and you can go around it quickly if you're in a rush, but it packs a lot in, and you can linger far longer if you so wish. https://www.huntmuseum.com/




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