• Percy Jackson: 10 Other YA Film Series That Deserve A TV Series Reboot

    30 May 2023

    Last year, responding to the news that Percy Jackson was getting a TV reboot, Screen Rant posted an article listing ten other book series that could benefit from a revamp -- and I was very pleased to see Cirque Du Freak in among the mix.


    The author, Ashvaria Rai, said that part of the film's failure was surely linked to the fact that it squeezed together the plots from three books, and noted that a TV series would give it more space to adapt what is an extremely large-scale story with lots and lots of characters. I've got to say, I agree with this 100%. When Cirque Du Freak was first optioned, back near the turn of the century, it was always intended to be a film series, as TV was still seen as a poor cousin -- if you wanted to see a fantasy story done well, it needed to be a big-screen production, so that the makers could afford to bring it to life with a large budget. Nowadays that scenario has flipped, and we're all aware of the power of TV to tell a complicated story across a number of seasons.


    As I said back around Christmas time, Cirque Du Freak has been optioned again, and a team in the USA are working on adapting it. I don't know if that will go ahead or not -- it's still very much in the pre-production stage -- but if it does, it will almost certainly be as a TV show, which I think will be the best way for it to hopefully more faithfully mirror the stories I wrote in my books. Fingers crossed!!!


    You can check out the full Screen Rant article here: https://screenrant.com/percy-jackson-other-ya-film-series-deserve-tv-series-reboot/


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